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  • Complete Course on Solar PV Design and Installation- with Practical Hands-On Installation Videos Special

    Appropriately sizing your batteries, inverters, solar panels and charge controller is very key and foundational if any solar system is going to last. This course will teach the participants on all the details of sizing your solar system. The course will go through details of the components of Solar PV system, The Solar System Configuration, […]

  • How to Import your Solar Products Special

    Most entrepreneurs in the solar sector will at one point or the other want to import their products. This course will take participants through the journey of what is needed, how to get them, important custom duties, product HS codes, importing different Solar PV components, recommended companies to import from. What to look out for […]

  • How to Start a Profitable Solar Business Special

    In the last five years, opportunities have increased for the solar industry with annual global investment reaching a peak of USD 330 Billion in 2015. This led to massive avenues for people to create solar startups that can take on the opportunities. This program path is perfect for an individual who is seeking to start […]

  • Practical Hands-On Installation Videos for Solar PV Design and Installation Special

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  • Solar Installation Safety Course Special

    This safety course is suitable for all technicians and solar installers. How do you keep safe whilst installing a solar system, climbing rooftops, lifting the panels, using a fall protection, appropriate use of a ladder. This course will train participants on all safety measures whilst installing a solar system, dealing with batteries, inverters and charge […]

  • Solar PV System Maintenance and Troubleshooting Special

    Maintenance and Troubleshooting is an important aspect of an installed solar system which ensures it’s sustainability. It is an increasingly popular additional source of income for practioners in the industry. This course will equip participants with complete knowledge for how to maintain a solar system, how to check for faults, how to troubleshoot the panels, […]

  • The Complete Course on Solar PV Entrepreneurship Special

    Global annual investments in renewable energy has reached 300 Billion USD and majority of this is flowing into Africa being the continent with the least electricity with up to 600 Million people without access. The inflow of investment calls for an urgent training and mentorship of entrepreneurs who will take the opportunities and promote renewable […]

  • The Concept and Science of Climate Change; Understanding the Climate Menace. Special

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