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Complete Course on Solar PV Design and Installation- with Practical Hands-On Installation Videos

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Appropriately sizing your batteries, inverters, solar panels and charge controller is very key and foundational if any solar system is going to last. This course will teach the participants on all the details of sizing your solar system.

The course will go through details of the components of Solar PV system, The Solar System Configuration, basic system sizing and detailed sizing calculations and analysis of battery, Inverter, Charge Controller and Solar panels. 

  • Size a off-grid or Grid-Tie PV System
  • Be able to Calculate Solar Array / solar system size for residential or commercial use
  • Learn the smart hack to select inverters and battery
  • Identify factors limiting system size
  • Identify data required to size and design a grid-direct PV system
  • Identify and define the function of the following on a three-line diagram of a grid-direct PV system: equipment grounding & conductors, ungrounded conductors, functionally grounded conductors, grounding electrode, grounding electrode conductor, electrical system grounding
  • Determine and select the correct components for the Solar PV system
  • Identify key components of a PV module and choose important criteria from module specification sheets
  • Be able to determine the energy production curve of a PV system vs. house energy needs
  • Be equipped with knowledge on Solar Modules, Optimisers  (DC/DC converters), Junction Boxes, Inverters, Solar Meters
  • Define and list characteristics of series and parallel circuits, and review the application of these connections to ensure system compatibility
  • PV Module Fundamentals
  • PV Battery System Design
  • PV Controller System Design
  • PV Inverter System Design
  • Understand power concepts & Units
  • Learn all the fundamentals of Solar PV energy
  • Understand the Applications of Solar PV Systems and how it works
  • Know the components of a typical solar PV system
  • Learn about the types and applications of solar panels
  • Know the Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar photovoltaic as a source of power
  • Learn the parallel and series connection of PV Cells an know the difference
  • Understand difference between solar cells, modules and arrays.
  • Learn how to Select and understand data-sheet of the panel.
  • Describe typical electrical service voltages and equipment
  • Examine power, energy, and demand / production curves
  • Define utility bill terminology
  • Describe PV metering options

At the end of the course, participants will be able to comprehend the subject matter and empowered with new knowledge on how specifically size batteries, Inverter, panel and charge controller in a suitable manner for the solar systems size. 

ALL RETTI online courses have been designed to build the capacity of the participants in the following solar technology value chain such as:

After taking our courses it is expected that participants should be capable of designing and implementing solar power solutions. As an outcome they might;

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