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How to Start a Profitable Solar Business

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In the last five years, opportunities have increased for the solar industry with annual global investment reaching a peak of USD 330 Billion in 2015. This led to massive avenues for people to create solar startups that can take on the opportunities.

This program path is perfect for an individual who is seeking to start their own solar business or seeking a sales or product representative position in the solar industry. A solid focus on the technical, economic, and financial aspects of the solar industry are covered in this program to prepare you for the fast paced and highly dynamic solar industry.

The solar industry is so wide and vast, this course narrows it all down for you and teaches you how to choose the best income grossing niche for business success. In this course we shall teach you how to start and grow a profitable solar business. We take you through the solar energy business value chains. We practically take you through 20 well researched solar business niches and the requirements to establish a business in each of the value chains, how much you can make and what you need etc. 

What you will Learn 

  • Basics of Solar Electricity Generation as a business 
  • About the different Solar market Segments and their descriptions
  • Different  arms of Solar PV Value chain
  • Applications of solar energy
  • Income grossing solar  business niches
  • Starting requirements for 12 highly recommended profitable solar business niches
  • Up to 20 suggested solar energy related business ideas
  • You will be clear about how to choose and how to start
  • Marketing ideas for your solar business 


  • How to network for you business progress
  • Free solar business plan for sign 
  • This certificate program will give you the confidence needed when talking with potential customers about this highly technical field.

ALL RETTI online courses have been designed to build the capacity of the participants in the following solar technology value chain such as:

After taking our courses it is expected that participants should be capable of designing and implementing solar power solutions. As an outcome they might;

WE have secured an amazing partnership with the RENEWABLE ENERGY ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA (REAN), Nigeria’s foremost recognised association for renewable energy practitioners. our trained alumni get a 70 percent discount to join the association. They have included a portal for all RETTI students. Check the portal HERE

Module 1 – Introduction to Solar Energy
Module 2 – The Solar Market Value chains
Module 3 – The Solar Market Segments
Module 7 – Success Factors And Best Practices for Minigrid Development
Module 8 – Becoming a Minigrid Developer
Module 9 – Investing in Large Scale Grid Connected PV power Plants
Module 10 – Making Your Business Work
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